Aug 10, 2009

Craig's Birthday!

Happy Birthday Craig! My son turned two yesterday and we had a wonderful day! We had family and friends over for a BBQ. I decided to use the Choo Choo set and make trains the theme.

Here is the invitation we sent out!

This is Craig's birthday card from us, I I am so happy with how it turned out.

Craig stood there looking at the trains for a few minutes, almost like he was reading a book, I am glad he seemed to like it.

These were our party favors. The entire train is made using Stampin' Up! paper. I used the All in the Family stamp set to fill each train with children! There is a little boy in the center of every train that is meant to be Craig.
Both sides of the train looks the same. It is hard to see but in each box there is a licorice type treat for small children and I made a cover for each one and put a train on the front

Keeping with the theme I made covers for chocolate bars to give to the older kids.

Here is his cake, I really enjoyed making this cake, it was a little difficult to ice since the train was upright.

And finally here is our sweet little birthday boy! He had more fun putting this bow on his head then he did opening gifts, what a cutie!

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  1. Wow! Everything turned out great! I love the train favors. Too cute. Happy Birthday to your little guy.