Dec 29, 2009

Love Life!

I have had some decor elements to put up for a while now, I have been putting it off because I was concerned about how it would turn out. I decided to start myself off small, so I put the Love and Life up first, now that I think of it it was kind of silly for me to use my front entrance wall as my tester funny! I didn't find these small words difficult to rub on at all...we will see how it goes tomorrow when I tackle my big project. These pictures were taken within days of each of the boys being born, they are resting in my husbands hand. Most people cannot tell which picture is of Craig and which is of Ryan. It is amazing how similar they look in these pictures.
Thanks for stopping by and have an excellent day!

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  1. Aww. Those are so sweet. Great job. I have to same problem with my little girls.They look nothing alike now but in their baby pictures they are identical.