Nov 20, 2009

COloring card

I have seen a few different coloring cards on Splicoast Stampers and I just thought they were such a great idea for kids cards that I had to make one. I came up with my own style of card that I haven't see anywhere. I made the bottom of the inside of the card like a box base so the crayons and coloring sheets would fit in there and I used velcro to keep the card shut. I made four coloring sheets for each card and used the Beary Best Friends and the All in the Family Accessories stamp sets for them. I know these are the In-colors from last year but I have a bunch left and thought I would use some of it up making these cards. I liked the look of the crayons being out of the box they came in so I made my own with Window sheet and then wrapped a colored piece of card stock around it to hold it together. One of the other reasons I made a box and didn't just put the crayons in the card was because they would move around and mark up the coloring sheets. 
Hope you have a great day!


  1. This is absolutely adorable! What a FUN idea!

  2. I LOVE THIS...Do you have the dimension by any chance?