Jan 27, 2011

Budding Artists!

I am going to share a non stamping related but crafting post with you today.
I have been trying to fill some blank spots on my walls that have been driving me crazy for quite some time. I have been looking for the right pictures for two years now. I went over to a friends house on the weekend and saw a few canvasses hanging on the wall that her and her daughters painted together and a light bulb turned on. I went and picked up the biggest canvass I could find and some smaller ones the next day and the boys and I were on a mission to fill in those blank spots! The boys thought it was so much fun to paint in their underware or as they would say 'naked.' They did not even complain about the neutral colours I chose, they each picked a favourite right off the bat and went for it. I am very happy with our end product and so are Craig and Ryan. When the boys woke up the next morning and saw that their art was on the wall they got so excited they were pointing and telling Jeff that they painted that, it was such a great moment!

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