Jul 12, 2012

Another Inspired By Nature Page

I was so happy with these pages, I love the color combination. 

I was also sad to see the Season of Friendship set go, I loved this tree!
I used the baby wipe technique to create my own ink pad so that I could have different greens on the tree. I will explain how to do this below.

Here is a close up of the daisy's.
 I can see myself using this technique again for my fall scrapbook pages, it will make the most beautiful leaves!

Baby Wipe Technique;

1. Make sure your baby wipe is on something that can be wiped up or thrown out because the ink will bleed right through the wipe (I use card board with plastic on it, like an empty DSP Package) You can fold the wipe to what ever size is needed for your stamp.

2. Randomly squeeze drops of each color in a large enough space so that your entire stamp can be covered.

3. Stamp your image! To do something more detailed such as the daisy's I used a really light color such as Sahara Sand to stamped the Daisies on to the wipe so that I could make sure I squeezed the drops in just the right spot so that it looked like a daisy.

Tip: Every so often I like to clean the stamp on a clean spot of the wipe because I find that the more you do the more it starts to look like one solid color.

I took just the tree portion from the scrapbook page and turned it into a card as well!

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  1. Great layout and tutorial - thanks for sharing!
    I'm also your newest follower from SC. :)
    Steph - hofkissed.blogspot.com