Oct 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

These are the treat bags I made for my nieces and nephew, I filled them with different treats based off their ages, the older kids got candy of course and the younger ones got goldfish and cookies.. The monsters and spiders are peppermint patty chocolates, yummy! I saw the monster idea at a meeting I went to but don't know who made them, sorry, I added two more legs to mine to make them a little different. I have seen these spiders done by several different people on blogs and Splitcoast, I also added more legs to make a total of eight. 

Here are our little munchkins, an elephant and a lion. Ryan was happy in his costume for the last two days but didn't want to stop crying for me to take a picture. I am hoping my sister-in-law got a good one. Beside each of them is their pumpkin, Ryan obviously had lots of help with his, he actually kept taking the pieces out instead of putting them in! Craig would show me where he wanted each piece to go and I would start it for him and then he would push them the rest of the way in.

I was amazed at how well he trick or treated today.  For a two year old he picked up pretty fast that he was getting chocolate, he started to lead the way up the driveways after about the 3rd house. 

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