Sep 4, 2009

Halloween Bags!

I am getting excited for Halloween! It is my favorite, I love seeing all the kids out and about in their costumes, I am already trying to find the perfect costumes for our boys.

I figured I better get working on some halloween projects since it really isn't that far away. I like to make something special for my nephew and nieces so last year I made them big treat bags (on the right). I decided to make some miniature versions of them (on the left), I am really happy with how this one turned out. Because of my love for punches I try to use them as much as possible, I used circles for the eyes and nose, it is hard to see in this picture but I used the my way for the things sticking out of his neck (not sure what they are called??) and then I used the large star to make the hair (I think it looks a lot cleaner then my last year's free handing). 

I better get back to work on some more bags, hopefully I will have more to share with you tomorrow!

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