Jan 11, 2010

To make the notebook

I had a question about how to decorate the notebook from yesterdays post, I used a spiral notebook that had circle holes for the binding. It is really quite simple:

1. Measure the cover and cut C/S of your choice,
2. Tear out a sheet from inside notebook for hole guide,
3. Line up C/S and notebook paper,
4. use circle punch through notebook holes (I used 1/8" circle punch),
5. use scissors to make a slit from edge of paper to the circle.
6. Attach c/s to notebook,
7. Voila, you have a full cover for your notebook and now you are ready to embellish it!

Remember, there is the Spiral punch on page 187 of the Idea Book and Catalogue that may match the type of notebook you are choosing to decorate. I think there used to be a circle one similar to the spiral one, before my Stampin' Up! time.

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